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BOTANICA – 10.04 Klub Masada, Kraków

A sparse and precise groove anchoring majestic guitar chords and the shimmer of a Wurlitzer electric piano; the expressive force of a voice somewhere in the realm of Elvis Costello, Matt Johnson and Tom Waits -and you’re close to describing the Botanica sound. Poetry in short verses; Beauty, doubt, God & the world and a sky illuminated by the pull of a thousand cigarettes

Blue Rhythm described the 2007 album, „The Magnetic Waltz” as eleven songs for the discriminating consumer–an album that would find easy favor with Nick Cave or PJ Harvey.

Founder and ringleader of this troupe is singer Paul Wallfisch, whose talents as keyboardist, producer, songwriter and engineer have led to collaboration with artists including Little Annie, Firewater, Love & Rockets, Congo Norvell, Stiv Bators, Syl Sylvain, Johnny Halliday & Angela McCluskey. Paul’s gypsy past has taken him to 40 countries, including performances of various sorts in China, Finland, Indonesia and Guinea. The John to this Paul, for the last 8 years and 5 albums, is one Mr. Andrews, who, when he’s not playing guitar and singing in Botanica, tours the world with the likes of Peter Murphy and Nena. Bassist Jason Binnick, (ex The Flesh), and Dresden Dolls drummer Brian Viglione, round out the core quartet, which is often augmented by recording mistress of strings, Anne DeWolff, (Calexica, Neko Case) and Miriam Eicher.


Likened by Intro Magazine to „the sonic equivalent of a provincial repertory theatre’s demented adaptation of an Aki Kaurismaeki film,” Botanica has been described in The New Yorker as „…trafficing in sonic noir with an undercurrent of sinewy menace…sinister sophisticates providing the perfect soundtrack to the after-hours, urban experience.”


Love, insanity–and other extreme states of humanity pave the way for Botanica’s eclectic catalogue of songs, continually aiming to one-up their fans’ expectations.