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Infosys BPO Poland

My journey in Poland started in January 2013. After finishing my Master’s degree in Marketing I chose to be part of AIESEC Poland internship program teaching French, English and Arabic within kindergartens and primary schools in Olsztyn and Kielce in May 2013. After this interesting experience I felt that I’m ready for a bigger plan – a full time job in Poland! Then I applied for a few job offers and one of them was Infosys BPO Poland in Lodz.

In September 2013 I started my career within Infosys as Process Executive in the project for a multinational client as a part of Expediting and Procurement Team for North America.  What was great about that? I met wonderful colleagues that became my friends, experienced a passionate work environment and many opportunities to grow within the company.

Proactiveness and ambition is always welcome in this company. After few months I felt that I want to do even more, so I applied for the Buddy Team to become a part of onboarding process. Apart from my previous duties, the main task was now to represent Infosys BPO Poland and introduce client’s projects to newcomers during their first working days, show the building, help newcomers with the medical check and support HR with contracts and other administrative forms. The main aim was to make a new hired employee integrated with his new team.

That experience gave me the chance to understand Infosys philosophy from another perspective. Using my academic background (Economy/Sociology) to make a career plan, I started to analyze Infosys recruitment policy, profiles they need and eventually decided to be also a part of several training and certification teams. As an ambitious person in July 2014 I decided to change my department and join a new, challenging client. Even though it was still a short experience I learned a lot during few months in this project. I was a part of financial transition process, preparing reports and procedures for two teams. I was also responsible for kick-off stage of parallel run process within the local organization in Tunisia in January 2015. In this team I’ve implemented several improvements to standardize financial processes, improve customer satisfaction and increase business productivity.

Keeping in mind that it’s worth to be involved in Infosys corporate projects I was also a part of Communication Team, co-responsible for creating a project plan and execute deliverables according to the business case.

In October 2014 I’ve started my Political Science Master’s degree at University of Lodz, and in January 2015 I was selected as one of the Infosys Soft Skills Trainer. That’s pretty much. So far I’m satisfied with how things went with Infosys, of course my eagerness and hunger for success will not stop.

My ultimate advice to you? Keep believing in yourself and don’t be afraid of trying new things! My quote in life is: “see the glass half full even if it’s an empty glass”. J

Ahmed Marzouk

Accountant at Infosys BPO Poland

Infosys BPO Poland Sp. z o. o.

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